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        Adhesive resin


        TYPE: RC-A1100       

        Product profile:

          C5 petroleum-resin is a kind of particle yellowish particle,a polymer of low molecular weight which is mainly generated from diolefins of five carbon atoms(such as pentadience , isoprene etc,,) by the polymerization with the ation of a certain emperature pressure and catalyst.Mainly used in adhesives and sealing industry. 

         C5 petroleum-resin as a tackifier resin is more compatible with styrene polymer(such as SIS, SBS, SEBS, SEPS, etc.,), pure rubber, synthetic rubber, EVA and so on. Whats more, it also owns good compatibility with natural tackifying resin. so that it can improve various performance of tackifier in different degree.  

          Being risen abviously in its promote viscous , sticky and holding ,it has been widely used in hot melt adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives and other industries. Because of its peel strength   has improved ,adhesion property is more stability, moderate melt viscosity, excellence heat resistance ,being primely compatibilited with the polymer matrix , and the low of price


        Product features:

        1.high shear strength, good fluidity, good aging resistance;

        2.the color is light, the transparency is high, make the initial adhesion and the cohesive strength to achieve the best balance, the opening time and the curing time obtain the good balance.


        Products specifications:



        1.Pressure-sensitive adhesive(such as each packing tape, tag, double sticky tape, masking tape, and hygienic products etc)

        2.hot-melt adhesive(such as rapid packing adhesive, bookbinding adhesive, woodworking adhesive ,various glue sticks etc)

        3.hot-melt glue sticks.

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